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Global Chip Shortage for Auto Makers | Intentional or Incidental ?

Global Chip Shortage for Auto Makers | Intentional or Incidental ?

By WAF Editorial Team 

•Can we blame Covid for this too ?

•How can all the Auto Makers be affected simultaneously across the world ?

•Is it just Poor Planning, Poor Demand or something else ?


Yes! Most Auto makers are obsessed with Lean Manufacturing. Most got extremely conservative last year with their Production schedules as demand gradually rebounded. Excessive WFH, Gaming, Smartphones led to a surge in demand for chips from other product segments.

The Trump Administration had blacklisted the Chinese Semiconductor manufacturers last year. The Taiwanese Chip Makers, the largest across the world had raised a caveat against oversupply. The automotive grade chips were seeing rapid upgradation. Getting stuck with outdated chipsets inventory could be the greatest nightmare for any chip maker.

All said and done, auto makers facing ongoing or impending shutdowns simultaneously across the world can’t be just due to the aforesaid reasons. It can’t even be due to Covid.

There could be more than what meets the eye. Is it a perfectly orchestrated cartelised action by chip makers to pull the plug ?

In the new age vehicles, the electronic parts and components constitute around 40% of all components. One might find around 3K chips in just one car across the powertrain, windows, lights, ADAS and more.  If even one chip is missing, the car can’t leave the assembly line!

Anuj Guglani, CEO, World Auto Forum says, ‘The Automotive chips compared to their siblings in an Xbox, a Mac or an iPhone have to be much more robust & durable. They should be able to stand high temperatures. They need to endure for long. Their development cycles are longer and more expensive.

So where do you think any chip maker who runs it as a business, would shift focus during the pandemic ?

Obviously to an Xbox, a Mac and an iPhone as their demand went through the roof while auto co’s were forced to cut orders, inventories and margins!”

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Road Safety Month Special : WAF Gurus Live 18

Road Safety Month Special : WAF Gurus Live 18

Lets Celebrate Road Safety Month, every Month! 

At WAF, we believe in Dialogue to Action.

It’s time to have a focussed, candid & action oriented dialogue on Practical Aspects of Road Safety  with the Top Thought Leaders.

Topics we shall cover :

1. How to Harness Tech for Better Governance & Enforcement

2. Road Safety Awareness : Sustainable and Effective

3. Response Time : Practical tips to reduce

4. Driver Behaviour : Can’t blame them for everything

5. Laws : New & Old

6. Road Design & Safe Infrastructure

7. Coordination between Multiple Agencies : How do other countries do it ?

8. India Pothole Free : Can it be a Reality ?

9. How to go beyond the Road Safety Week and Month and have Sustained Progress in road Safety, every week & month.

10 . Can India be No 1 in Road Safety ?

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8th WAF Awards Held | 120+ Media Cos Cover it!

8th WAF Awards Held | 120+ Media Cos Cover it!


Urgent Press Release


World Auto Forum [WAF] Awards announced. WAF stars steal the show!


  • WAF awards are one of the most aspirational awards across the Automotive & Mobility ecosystem last 8 Years
  • The 7 Points WAF Awards Process makes it Toughest, Most Transparent and Inclusive
  • Backed by esteemed Jury, Observers and IIT Delhi research team


New Delhi | 9th January 2021 |


The 8th World Auto Forum Awards concluded today with WAF stars stealing the show all the way!! This time, the awards were bigger, different and as stringent as they always come! Deeply researched, passionately debated and carefully chosen, they showcased Platinum performances from across the Automotive ecosystem. 

Anuj Guglani, CEO, World Auto Forum, remarked, “WAF Awards 2021 are a testimony to how the Industry stars have taken care of their customers, teams and suppliers, balancing health – physical, mental and financial”.

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