Road Safety Month Special : WAF Gurus Live 18

Lets Celebrate Road Safety Month, every Month! 

At WAF, we believe in Dialogue to Action.

It’s time to have a focussed, candid & action oriented dialogue on Practical Aspects of Road Safety  with the Top Thought Leaders.

Topics we shall cover :

1. How to Harness Tech for Better Governance & Enforcement

2. Road Safety Awareness : Sustainable and Effective

3. Response Time : Practical tips to reduce

4. Driver Behaviour : Can’t blame them for everything

5. Laws : New & Old

6. Road Design & Safe Infrastructure

7. Coordination between Multiple Agencies : How do other countries do it ?

8. India Pothole Free : Can it be a Reality ?

9. How to go beyond the Road Safety Week and Month and have Sustained Progress in road Safety, every week & month.

10 . Can India be No 1 in Road Safety ?

The points discussed shall go into making a Rewards & Recognition Plan with clear deliverable Action Points for the Central & State Govt