WAF Programs creating Industry Benchmarks Last Several Years…

•World Auto Forum brings all year round Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Growth Opportunities


•Programs that transcend functions, Stake holders, Hierarchies and Geographies


•Inline with WAF’s ethos and philosophy of “Dialogue to Action”


WAF Virtual Exhibition – “World’s Longest Running Automotive VE”


The Annual Partners at WAF exhibit at our Virtual Exhibition. It has been visited by thousands of  Top Industry heads from across the globe. Our VE partner is Exposim who are known for class leading software and applications.

The WAF VE is all set to be the longest running Exhibition in the Global Automotive and Mobility World. Time to raise a toast to that.

Visit the WAF VE herehttps://wafa2021.exposim.io/



World Auto Forum on IT – WAFit! – “Solving Automotive Tech Challenges Year on Year!”


WAFit! gets together the best and Top Tech Minds to discuss and solve the Tech Challenges around Automotive like AI, Cyber Security, Machine Language, Blockchain, IoT,  Autonomous Vehicles and more

More here : WorldAutoForum.com/wafit 


World Auto Forum (WAF) Awards – “The Best People behind Winning Cos & Products”

WAF Awards rewards and recognises the Best Talent in the Industry across 7 different sectors via one of the toughest 7 Step Selection Process. The WAF Award winners are known as WAF Stars in the Industry.

IIT Delhi is the Research Partner for this Aspirational and desired award each year.

Top Media Houses Went Bonkers in Reporting 10th WAF Awards Winners!

One of those Rare Industry Awards which ensure : 

1.No Sponsor Partner allowed on the Jury
2. Months of Research by IIT Delhi
3. Observers during Jury Round to ensure proper Process followed
4. Winners selected only when decision is unanimous
5. Ref Checks even after the Jury Rounds

More herehttps://worldautoforum.com/awards/


9th India Vehicle After Sales Summit – IVASS

“National Vehicle After Sales Day celebrated by Industry at WAF each year!”

Running in its 9th Year, IVASS has now gone Global!  Last Several Editions, we had top After Sales Experts from India, USA, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe come together and share global best practices

2nd Sat of Dec each year is celebrated at WAF by the Industry as Vehicle After Sales Day. Top Heads from Auto Makers, Suppliers, Dealers, Tech players come together to take the After Sales dialogue to action!

More herehttps://worldautoforum.com/ivass/