Get Ready for a Journey powered by Nostalgia | Oye Hoye! by Anuj Guglani

by WAF Think Tank


•Our Founder & CEO’s Debut Novel is Out! 

•Oye Hoye! by Anuj Guglani
A Work of Fiction Inspired by True Events!

•Oye Hoye! is based on one of the most powerful emotions known to mankind – NOSTALGIA!

It is the story of Ashok and his friends growing up in India during the 1980s and 1990s in two cities – Delhi and Nagpur.

It is about crushes, friendships, deceits and heartbreaks, in an era when smartphones were yet to take over our lives and control our moods! The hostel fights, the freshers party and the dreaded super seniors with underworld links!

The Hostel Survival Guide Powers Zindagi Hamesha!

That first sip of alcohol or that first kiss with the college head girl and later finding out her deepest secret!

When passing a chit to one’s crush or sending an anonymous Archies greeting card were the preferred ways of communication.

Shiv Khera Testimonial on Oye Hoye! by Anuj Guglani The days of the rotary dial phones and their bulky receivers! When Hamara Bajaj, Meri Maruti, Yamaha RD350, Colour TV and VCR were the latest Tech!

Those neighbourhood video cassette libraries and the uncles, aunties and bhaiyas who managed them!

Grab a copy with your fav drink, head to your cozy corner and get ready for a joy ride through the 1980s and 1990s.

Happy Oye Hoye! to You!

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