Group Landmark | Dream to Reality in 25 years

by WAF Think Tank 

The year was 1997 and the auto retail was fairly nascent in the country. A young entrepreneur with stars in his eyes had a dream to build an automotive retail business which creates new standards of excellence. His name was Sanjay Thakker. Honda Cars India had just set up their shop in the country. Mr Thakker applied for their dealership at Ahmedabad along with his partner & childhood friend Late Milan Shah.

They impressed the Honda management and were granted the Dealership LOI.  And thus started the journey of Group Landmark. After 4 years they also began the super successful Landmark Insurance business.

Sanjay Thakker – Chairman, Group Landmark

Mr Thakker did couple of things unique and special, right from the word go which paved the way to Group Landmark becoming the biggest Automotive retail group in the country. He ensured the work environment and dealings with the customers were transparent and fair. He was an early adopter of Technology and quality processes. He empowered professionals to run the businesses without micromanagement from his end.

The professionals who joined Landmark Honda, 25 years back have grown and risen up the ranks to become directors and business heads at the group. They boast of one of the lowest attrition ratios in the Industry.

Garima Mittal Misra – MD, Group Landmark

Garima Mittal Misra is the MD at Group Landmark.  She had joined the group around 24 years back and has risen up the ranks based on her consistent performance and leadership. She is one of the most important pillars of the organisation and is widely respected and admired in the Industry too. She is also the Delhi State Head of FADA, the Dealers Association at India.

Group Landmark now comprises 133+ Outlets of leading auto makers like Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Honda, Volkswagen, Ashok Leyland and Jeep. They have a formidable central team of Group CIO, Group CFO, Group CHRO etc to ensure professional working and management of all brands and businesses.

Their HR Practices are taken as standards and benchmarks by the Industry to follow. There is something different and special about the Group Landmark employees. They represent the  company values and ethos through their professional conduct and memorable customer experience.

Right at the beginning of the pandemic, the group had topped up the insurance covers of all their employees. They had also developed a unique bank of Oxygen concentrators and cylinders for their employees and their families.

What, Where, How, How much, when, why Landmark is doing ?

These are commonly asked questions in the Industry when people try to do new things. This is how Industry people benchmark their innovations and work with Group Landmark!

Group Landmark has an extremely successful insurance business called Landmark Insurance Brokers Pvt ltd. Their digital brand is

In 2015, TPG Growth Fund had invested $25 M in the company. Group Landmark is now present in 29 cities and is poised for their upcoming IPO. According to reports, they have filed their DRHP Draft Red Herring Prospectus and are looking to raise around Rs 800 Crores at the bourses.

‘We at WAF have seen their beautiful journey from a dream to a Mega Automotive Retail Empire all under 25 years! We wish them all the very best, ‘says Anuj Guglani, CEO, WAF