iTriangle’s AIS 140 certified devices are now integrated with the Gujarat Pollution board’s tracking & Monitoring portal as per the mandate

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It is heartening news that the AIS140 mandate from MoRTH that requires all public /passenger Transport Vehicles to be installed with vehicle location tracking devices, is being implemented by most of the states in India. The effective implementation goes a long way in ensuring safety, security, and compliance. An effective implementation that achieves the objective of MoRTH (Ministry of road transport & Highways) requires that the VLT devices must be active, in working condition and should send data to the enforcement agencies.

In a proactive & dynamic strategy to ensure safety, performance and optimal performance of Commercial vehicles, the Gujarat Pollution Board has now made implementation of AIS 140 VLTD (Vehicle Location & Tracking Device) mandatory in all the Toxic waste and Garbage Collection Trucks. This Move by the authorities will not only ensure transparency of data but also ensure accountability and monitoring of all the Toxic and Garbage collection Vehicles in Gujarat. Non-compliance of these policy will lead imposition of strict fines and withdrawal of licenses.

iTriangle Infotech’s AIS 140 certified devices are now integrated with the Gujarat Pollution board’s Tracking & monitoring portal. So, our Partners and customers can now install our AIS 140 certified devices in the trucks that are carrying out the operation for the department. Needless to say, the devices seamlessly work with the departments portal and send accurate data as per the requirements of the department.

iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd has been in the forefront of the implementation of AIS 140 mandate and has installed more than 100,000 AIS 140 certified devices across the country. It is our endeavour to build stable, long performing devices that will aid the Government and the transporters to utilize the mandate effectively and productively!


Bharat 101, #India‘s first AIS 140 certified device that has been the most trusted VLTD of the Country. Preferred by Automobile Manufacturers, State Transport Corporations, Public Sector Units, Enterprise and Corporate Customers because of the stability and the advanced features that it offers. Completely designed, developed in house as per the MoRTH mandate.


By Mark Prakash