World Auto Forum Programs Terms & Conditions

These are Standard Conditions of World Auto Forum. When you buy a ticket of WAF Program or attend as speaker or invited as a Guest, you agree to these conditions.

The link to these Terms & Conditions is present at each Event Page as a notice to all guests who attend.

Ticket Cancellation Charge to be levied  :

Between 30 to 45 Days of Summit : 10% ticket Amount

Between 30 days to 20 days : 50% Ticket Amount

Less than 20 days to Summit : 100% Ticket Amount

Speakers can change their schedule due to their personal exigency which is beyond control of World Auto Forum. The Venue can change for safety reasons and /or to suit convenience of Organisers, Participants and Speakers. World Auto Forum’s liability not beyond refund of ticket amount if program cancelled or postponed due to any reason beyond control of World Auto Forum.

Important Conditions

Normally we dont change venues, once announced. However in a rarest of rare case, if it happens, be rest assured World Auto Forum has done it to suit convenience of Most Participants and /or in interest of Safety.

We dont believe in cancelling or Postponing events. The Show Must go On! Still if this happens, rest assure there has to some compelling reason for safety and Convenience of the Members. In that case, Maximum Monetary Liability of World Auto Forum is Reimbursement of Ticket Amount.

Hotel Venues normally are amongst the Safest Places. Safety and Security at Venue is controlled solely by Hotel Staff. World Auto Forum has no control or responsibility for it. As the Adage goes, Caveat emptor. You have to be responsible of your own devices, gadgets and luggage. Please take care of them yourself.

WAF Online Events , Meetings, Webinars

Same Aforesaid Conditions of Ticket Cancellation Policy, Monetary Liability apply here too. The Online Platform which is used to access the Online Program is either WAF Website or a Third Party Software as a Service (SAAS)  Provider. WAF is not liable or responsible for any data or financial loss or loss of any kind due to negligence or omission of duty of third Party Saas Provider.

Even the WAF Site, which is powered by several third Party Saas Providers. WAF cant be held liable for any negligence or omission of Duty of its Website’s third Party Saas Providers.

Though we try to our best to perform our duty to keep service uninterrupted.  In a case of any virus transmission from WAF Site or a third Party Saas Provider to your server, it is incumbent on you to install a Anti virus Software which stops such malaware attacks and its also your duty to inform us at in a timely way so that we can take urgent corrective action and inform the third party Saas Provider. Under no circumstance can WAF be impleaded or held liable for negligence or contributor negligence of any kind due to omission or negligence of thrid Party Saas Providers which includes WAF Website Saas Providers.

Respect for Fellow Participant at WAF 

World Auto Forum reserves the right to blocking participant access whether offline or online event on display of unruly behaviour without offering any explanation or ticket refund. This is interest of respect of fellow participant/s and decorum.

Participant shall completely indemnify WAF for any kind of damage or loss to program venue, tech platform or fellow participants in any kind of way , for any kind of liability if it results from the participants conduct or action.

Offers of Internship & Placement Assistance for Students 

In a few programs, we also give internship and placement assistance. What we offer in that is routing student or candidate’s profile through WAF CXO Jobs section and also sending their linkedin Profile link to Top Companies and Firms. Both the activities have to be initiated by the student when they submit the details to WAF in a timely way. WAF is not liable for cancellation, rejection, acceptance of any offer. WAF is also not liable for conduct or behaviour or performance of the student or the other workers in the company or firm where the student or candidate gets placed. WAF doesnt force any student or candidate to accept the offers. They are solely between the student / candidate and the company /firm.

Legal Jurisdiction is Solely the Courts at New Delhi, India and Nowhere Else