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            The WAF EcoSystem Worldwide!

         Global Reach Makes All The Difference 


Our Edge at WAF Ventures :

  1. Deep Market & Tech Insights powered by cumulative team experience of 130 Years in Industry across Tech, M&A, Automotive & Mobility.

  2. Worldwide Connects for Great Investment Opportunities

  3. Credible Investors who trust WAF

Regular Engagement of WAF Ventures to empower the Startup , M&A Ecosystem 


WAF M&A Masterclass

A regular feature at WAF where Top M&A Professionals of the world converge to connect, share, grow and win

WAF Certified M&A Professional 

Daylong program where top experts share the success secrets of Global M&A


WAF Ventures Services available for 

•Start ups 

•Mid Size Cos 

•Large Cos 

•Investment Funds 

•PE Funds 

•Pension Funds

Wish to Grow ? Happy to Connect!

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