UP govt launches portal for processing EV subsidy claims

Source : PTI | To promote electric vehicles in the state, the Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday launched a subsidy portal which will allow customers who bought e-vehicles after October 14, 2022, to claim financial support, officials said here. For availing of the subsidy people have to apply on upevsubsidy.in portal. Once the application is submitted, the subsidy amount will be transferred to the customer’s bank account after successful completion of a four-level verification process, they said.

This initiative is part of the Uttar Pradesh Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy, 2022, which includes a purchase subsidy incentive scheme.

The development and maintenance of the portal have been entrusted to UPDESCO (Uttar Pradesh Development Systems Corporation Ltd), a statement issued here said.

Under the Policy permission has been granted for the implementation of the Purchase Subsidy Promotion Scheme on certain conditions.

This scheme is effective from 14th October 2022 and will continue till October 13, 2023.

According to Additional Commissioner (Transport) Rajiv Srivastava, after submitting the application on the portal, a four-level verification process will take place, beginning with verification at the dealer level, followed by registration and departmental verification. The final verification will be carried out by TI (Transport Inspector).

As per the information provided on the portal, the banking partner will transfer the subsidy amount to the customer’s bank account within 3 working days after the verification process is completed.

Subsidy on EVs will be payable to individual beneficiaries (buyers) on purchase of any single vehicle across vehicle segments.

However, purchase subsidy will also be payable to aggregators or fleet operators (buyers), so that a unit can avail subsidy for a maximum of 10 vehicles across vehicle segments.

For buyers purchasing EVs without batteries, the subsidy amount will be 50% of the total subsidy. As of now, there is no set time limit for providing the subsidy. For two-wheeler electric vehicles, the subsidy will be INR 5,000 per vehicle for the first two lakh purchases, not exceeding 15% of the ex-factory cost.

For four-wheeler electric vehicles, the subsidy will be INR 1 lakh per vehicle for 25,000 earlier purchases, not exceeding 15% of the ex-factory cost.

The initial 400 non-government e-buses will receive a subsidy of INR 20 lakh per vehicle, up to 15% of the ex-factory cost and for the first 1000 e-goods carriers, a subsidy of INR 1 lakh per vehicle will be available, allowing up to 10% of the factory cost.