Virtus is Here | The ‘All Rounder’ Sedan from Volkswagen

by WAF Think Tank 


The Volkswagen India team had invited Team WAF for the Unveiling of their upcoming sedan the VW Virtus. 

Till we saw the car, our minds were full of ” 5 Whys”  

  1. Why a Sedan in an SUV Obsessed market ?
  2. VW dealers & customers are lately used to VW SUVs ?
  3. Why not continue with the SUV Dream run ?
  4. Why a Sedan around the price point of several other Popular SUVs ?
  5. Why now ?

 Most of the aforesaid 5 Whys got answered the same evening at the Virtus unveiling ceremony.

A few “Whys” got answered when we observed the enthusiastic response of the Media personnel and Auto journalists. The balance “Whys” got answered by the amazing response from the VW dealers across the country who were echoing customers’ voice.  

That evening during the unveil, we found the Virtus to be one big and spacious car. Its interiors were striking, plush and youthful. The GT Line took our heart away with the red sporty cues reminiscent of the sporty VW GT DNA 

Our media friends told us they were blown away by the exhilarating performance of the Virtus. Most called it a “True Driver’s Car”. They mentioned they were yet to experience a car like the Virtus!

VW Virtus Media Drives held at Amritsar, India, May 2022

The German Engineering, the TSI engine technology and the well tuned car for Indian conditions are surely huge differentiators. 

Now coming to the VW Dealers. They are seasoned business people. They can sense business opportunities from a mile away. The amazing welcome given to the Virtus at the dealerships by each one of them is rare and surely special. 

Kumar Priyesh, Head of Sales, VW India with Co & Dealer Teams

Several studies have been done on consumer behaviour. Sedans buyers remain faithful to the body style. They might be having SUVs in their driveway but are often heard saying “Ek Gaadi to honee chahiye”. For them Gaadi is a Sedan. 

Ashish Gupta, Brand Director, VW India , Garima Misra, MD Group Landmark with VW India and Group Landmark Teams

Anuj Guglani, Founder & CEO WAF Group says, “The world is going crazy for SUVs but sedans always have their own perpetual market. Launching the right product at right price and making customers experience the product makes all the difference. The Virtus seems to be like the Head Girl or Head Boy of School who are ‘All Rounders’. Looking forward to it’s launch and wishing the company, their dealers, suppliers and partners all the very best.

L to R – Vishal Bhat – Head After Sales & Abbey Thomas, Head, Marketing, VW India

He further added,”Now the baton lies with each of those dealer sales consultants and advisors who shall painstakingly offer test drives and do value & experiential showcasing of the VW Virtus across the country. More power to them and Team VW India!”