WAF Gurus WAFinar on Next Gen Apps in Automotive & Mobility

WAF gets together the finest Tech Leaders of the Industry to share their thoughts on the Next Gen Apps at Auto & Mobility

•The Top CIOs of the Industry about to get together 

•Tech, Digital are disrupting and transforming Auto & Mobility faster than ever before!

Attendees shall get 1 month of WAF CXO Jobs Service Completely Free 


WAF Gurus Webinar! Next Gen Apps at Auto & Mobility 

A few Discussion Points :

1. Auto & Mobility have seen rapid disruption by Tech.

2. A smartphone with mobile data and GPS revolutionised Shared Mobility. What’s Next ?

3. Telematics & Enterprise Solutions powered by IoT, AI, ML are changing the way we work

4. These days Apps power Businesses, factories, transactions, logistics and more.

5. Connected Vehicles, Roads, Factories, Warehouses, POS, Consumers are a Reality!

6. What are the characteristics and qualities we would like to have in our Apps controlling our world?

7. What is the Next Gen Cloud that we can envisage ?

8. How would we power workplace productivity, employee engagement and innovations ?

9. How can we future proof our customer engagement ? How to be channel and device agnostic in a seamless way ?

10. How would tech empower us to scale up and speed up our existing and new businesses ?

11. India is one of the most cyber attacked countries in the world. What kind of cyber security features do we see in our apps now and next few years?

12. How are Tech and Apps powering our business metrics , empowering field forces, retaining customers, driving operational efficiencies and profitability

13. What is the Tech Enabled Future ?


Top WAF Gurus in the House : 

1. Dr Kamal Karnatak, Group CIO, RJ Corp

2. Rajesh Mishra,  Sr VP – (Corp Processes & IT) Volvo  Eicher CV

3. Manish Patel,  CIO, MG Motor India 

4. Graham Threlfall , Global Key Account Manager, Akzonobel 

5. Yogender Verma, CTO, Carzonrent & Myles Cars

6. Danish Aga, CTO Group Landmark

7. Krishnakumar G, Solution Architect Lead, Outsystems

8. Yogesh Huja, MD Swaran Soft

9. Anuj Guglani , CEO World Auto Forum & Co Promoter #WAFVentures

Attendees shall get 1 month of WAF CXO Jobs Service Completely Free!

Thurs, Sept, 23 2021, 5 pm to 6:30 pm IST