WAF Gurus Live 5 : How to resume EV Revolution Post Lockdown

Cues for Discussion :

1. We have never ever faced anything like this ever before. Straight from a Hollywood Movie! How do we all come together to fix and rebuild ?

2. When the Challenge is a global one , EV is a Global phenomenon , the process to kickstart EV Revolution can also be a “Global One” ?

3. Would the Consumers & the Eco System pull the brakes on EV ? How to rebuild Consumer and Business confidence in EV ?

4. Would the revival of EV be the same as ICE : Consumer Demand, SupplyChain, Manpower, Vehicles, Tech, R&D, Business Case, Cash flows ?

5. Falling Crude Prices : Temp affect or Long term damage to the Burgeoning EV Dream?

6. For Auto & Mobility Cos , getting the house in order would be first priority. Would EV take a back seat ?

7. How important would EV be in 2020 for Govts, Capital Markets & Mainstream trade associations ? Do we need / see a Fame -3 ?

8. Should this time be taken as an opportunity to clean up the act on EV : Cleaner Batteries Lifecycle management , Shifting to Renewables for Power Generation

9. Electric Shared Mobility :  The New Business Case. What would the “New Normal” entail ? Challenge or an Opportunity ?

10. New and Innovative Tech &  Business Models Post Covid Era ?

11. The New Equation between ICE and EV ?

And Above all How are we supporting our Teams, Suppliers, Eco System during this crisis …