WAF Gurus Live 15 : Employee Health and Safety in the Covid Era

Top Docs & Industry Gurus of India share the Best Health & Safety Sutras 

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Top Discussion Points 

1. It’s already been 4 months, how long is the covid journey ?

2. How serious is the threat now ? Have things improved ?

3. Herd Immunity : Would it work in this case ?

4. What is the ideal time for quarantine ?

5. Several Cos announced WFH till 31 Dec 2020. What are the Practical, functional, Medical , Mental Health repercussions 

6. Simple practical tips for Health & Safety and basics where most people go wrong ?

7. How should Health & Safety Procedures vary : 0-5 employees , 6 – 20 , Hundreds , thousands , Lakhs all over the world ?

8. Conquering diverse demographics, psychographics with the common challenge of Safety and Health at global organisations 

9. How to handle a pandemic outbreak in an organisation, factory, office ?

10. How to decide who comes to the office / factory and who Works from Home ?

11. Medicines, Homeopathy, Pranayam, Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, what can work ?

12. When do we expect the Vaccine ? Would that be the panacea ?

13. People talk about a second and third wave or each year corona coming in a new avatar. Experts’ thoughts ?

WAF Gurus in the House : 

Dr Sai Kiran Chaudhari, Leading Pulmonologist of India

Harbhajan SinghChief of Strategy & People Care, SGT and Former Director Honda 2 Wheelers

Dr Apurva Gupta, Leading Gynaecologist of India

Prof Kanika T Bhal, Dean (Planning) & Professor of Management, IIT Delhi

Chandan SenguptaCHRO, Sandhar Technologies

Anuj Guglani, CEO, WAF