Will bring new vehicles that run on ethanol: Nitin Gadkari

PTI – Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday said new vehicles that run entirely on ethanol will be introduced. Speaking at an event in Nagpur, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways recalled he recently met the chairman of Mercedes Benz company that launched an electric vehicle.

“He (the chairman) told me that they would make electric vehicles only in future,” he added. “We are bringing new vehicles that will run entirely on ethanol. Bajaj, TVS and Hero scooters will run on 100 per cent ethanol,” the minister said.

Gadkari said he would launch Toyota company’s Camry car in August, which will run 100 per cent on ethanol and it will also generate 40 per cent electricity.

“If you compare it with petrol, it will be INR 15 per litre of petrol because ethanol’s rate is INR 60 while the rate of petrol is INR 120 per litre. Plus it would generate 40 per cent electricity. The average would be INR 15 per litre,” he added.