Auto CMO Roundtable @ Digital by World Auto Forum | India’s Finest Auto CMOs

  • We are getting India’s Finest Auto CMOs together in a hall for an interesting roundtable discussion on DIGITAL! 


  • We shall also felicitate them through a Digital Coffee Table Book.  


Yes! The Automotive Industry is struggling for Growth. Is it the Onset of Shared Mobility, where overall demand dips, the consumer in NO Tearing Hurry to have a new set of wheels and where just a handful of Auto Makers benefit!

This is despite the 10 Year and 15 Year Vehicle Ban at NCR Delhi, the territory which has also seen the Most Auto Dealer Shut downs! Ironic ?

In the scenario, where Dealer Walk ins and Tele-Ins have come to a trickle, the Auto Makers, Dealers look more and more towards Digital, for not just Lead Gen but also Branding and Consumer Engagement!

Makes sense to put money where the consumer is present 24X7. In the era of being constantly connected at Home, office, Car, Mall, Loo, Parking lot.

We bring to you India’s First Auto CMO Roundtable on Digital! 

Its time to share the success stories, use cases, innovations around Digital which have won mindshare, heart-share  and Marketshare! So What are the Top 10 Digital Trends of Past, Present & Future! 

We shall also felicitate India’s Finest Auto CMOs through a Digital Coffee Table Book. 

Come join us! It shall be well worth it! We are letting in 25 Delegates to connect and network with these Auto CMO rockstars! 


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Speakers & Participants can change their schedule due to their personal exigency which is beyond control of World Auto Forum. The Venue can change to suit convenience of Organisers, Participants and Speakers.

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