First Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Expert Network held at New Delhi.

New Delhi, Oct 27, 2017 

First Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Expert Network held at New Delhi.

Environment Protection, Development of EV EcoSystem & Consumer Adoption Key Priorities

World Auto Forum to release Action Document on Hybrids & EV’s in partnership with Globally Renowned research firm Markets and Markets

World Auto Forum connects Auto Industry in 125 Countries. Recently it organised HEVEN – Hybrid & EV Expert Network at Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

It was well attended by Policy Makers from Niti Aayog, State govt Representatives, Senior Auto Industry Leaders, Suppliers, Designers, Tech Innovators and Academia

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During the Welcome Address, Anuj Guglani, CEO World Auto Forum mentioned, “The ElectricVehicle is as clean and green as the Electricity which runs it.” He mentioned about the over dependence of Most Global economic superpowers including India, on Fossil fuels for Electricity Generation. He crisply summarised the advantages, concern and focus areas for EV’s and their adoption.

Anil Srivastava, IAS,  Adviser Niti Aayog and DG – DMEO set the stage by saying EV’s are causing global disruptions. Industry has fair reasons to have concerns in balancing Emissions Standards Guidelines and Development of EV’s. He mentioned Govt of India has an open door policy and is open to feedbacks and suggestions to guide the govt on the EV and transportation Policy. If India really decides to go All Electric by 2030, India would consume 40% of Global Battery Production. The Size of India in the global pie cannot be ignored.

Sohinder Gill CEO Hero ECO Ltd & Director SMEV spoke candidly on his experiences, challenges, ups and downs in the EV Segment last few Years. He discussed the future of India, China and the World. He even touched upon the resistances to change from IC Engine to EV of Supply chains, Auto Makers and even the consumers. He said there is dire need of building consensus within all stakeholders for a long term Meaningful EV Policy.

Rajesh Prasad CEO Amritasa Group shared his innovation which extends the life of a Lead Acid Battery by 2- 3 times thereby saving CAPEX and OPEX of organisations using batteries in bulk. He also spoke about evolution of Battery Technologies and Applications through the year and the road ahead.

Vijay Jaiswal, Director Automotive, Industries & Commerce, Govt of Telangana spoke about the investor friendly environment at Telangana. He shared the approach which has gone in development of EV Policy and EV Hubs. He mentioned about contextual design, Key Hub Characteristics, Local Eco System development and Global Markets opportunities.

Prof Biswajit Nag, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi started by talking about Innovations and International trade. He laid emphasis on need to encourage Innovation at School and College level through Policy Mechanism. “What is the financing model of innovations for EV’s in India?” He asked the audience and suggested a few suggestions like establishment of SPV’s and linking Academia, Industry and Investor.

Apurbo Kirty, Associate Chief Engineer- (Electrical & Electronics)  M&M spoke about consumer behaviour of EV’s by drawing a parallel to Panchtantra Story of Water, Pebbles & Crow. Financial, Tech, Infra and Policy are attributes which can drive customer to EV. He made a great presentation on consumers needs, priorities and their adoption of EV’s. Later as part of the Tech Panel he discussed nuts and bolts of EV Technology and the importance of relevant homegrown  innovations & electronics.

Salil Gauri, Sr Director Oracle UK spoke about Connected EV’s. He shared various case studies like BMW and other interesting co’s. He shared the product system, eco system for a smart connected Automotive Product. The Connected EV is a great value add for consumers and beneficial to the entire eco system with social mobile technologies.

Srinath Manda, Associate Director, MarketsAndMarkets very succinctly shared insights on EV’s, connected vehicles, which his Organisation has done in India and the world. He shared the Future outlook of Global Markets on EV’s.

MarketsAndMarkets research work has been appreciated by Companies across the world and is one of the globally leading research and consulting co’s and also the knowledge partner of World Auto Forum.

Vijay Chandrawat, COO 22 Motors, very forcefully discouraged Hybrids, citing them as complicated machines. He advocated adoption of full EV’s and not complicate the journey with Hybrids.

Rajesh Loomba, CEO Eco Rent a Car, mentioned one cannot predict the future. Hybrids or even gasoline or diesel engine might be more viable to run if Crude rates crash. He mentioned things have to be market driven. He spoke about Moore’s law wrt computing power. He mentioned, just like a smartphone, an EV shall also be more about Software. Future could see electric, connected, autonomous pods running through the city which one can just hail and hop on.

Karthick A, Head E Mobility Ashok Leyland shared the different consumer usage and applications of Commercial vehicles. Fast Charging, Flash Charging or Swapping or Range Extenders – There shall be no focus on a particular

Tech but different strategies for different application but inline with Consumer priorities of Profitability and Dependability. He showcased the dynamic and rapidly changing Global EV Landscape.

Dilip Chenoy EX DG SIAM raised three fundamental challenges of Transition on Regulation, Technology and Managing Transition to adoption of EV’s. The effective utilisation of Academic framework by Industry should be a focus area. He shared SAE Initiatives as best practice.

Rajesh Mukhija, Head After Sales, Hero MotoCorp said The whole EcoSystem is designed around IC Engines. Unless customer accepts, nothing will move, Once customer accepts, everything else is support. We need to prepare charging stations supported by govt and Industry along with Manpower capability and skill development for taking care of these products. Dealers should also see this as viable business. It needs a comprehensive and collective approach.

Sunil K Chaturvedi, CEO ASDC said EV’s is part of a larger issue and that’s of Environmental Pollution. If the IC Engine sees disruptive innovations and control their emissions, the fundamental advantage of EV shall be defeated. He also spoke about the perennial Industry – Academia Disconnect which he mentioned is being bridged by Automotive Skill Development Corp ( ASDC) with Certification Programs.

Sukanta Day, Associate Editor Business India moderated the Green Power Panel 3 and spoke how the prices of Mobile Phone came down since 2001. A Similar trend could be visible in EV’s. He shared several facts and figures and very crisply summarised the discussions and evolution of Automobile.

Deepangshu D Sarmah Editor in chief Auto Tech Review moderated the Tech panel effectively enlisting and summarising the important tenets of R&D, Product Development, Testing & Rollout for Safe, Good Quality & Affordable Hybrids & EV’s. He raised pertinent points with regards testing cycles, systems and standards for EV’s and sought Industry Experts view on them.

Prabhu Panduranga, Regional President, Gasoline Systems Bosch Limited laid emphasis on the Consumer adoption being key for success for any technology, platform or feature. He cited example of ABS fitment rate of 50% despite absence of Legislation, purely driven by Consumer adoption, thanks to Consumer awareness and affordability. The other option can be China’s example where things get done overnight by sudden change in law. EV’s have to come equipped with smart, autonomous features and not just be an EV.

Srinath Manda, Associate Director, Markets and Markets shared global learnings on EV’s and Hybrids. He attributed Tesla’s success story to development of the right eco system

Nagesh Srikanth Domain expert – 2Wheeler eMobility, Bosch India mentioned about the issues and challenges for transition from IC Engine vehicles to EV. He emphasised the need to make them clean end to end. The issues of Source of electricity are rightly identified at #HEVEN17 and we need to work on them.

Rajendra Bhat, VP TVS Motor Co, shared candidly how an auto dealer employing 3,000 workers came worried to him on reading that a Tesla vehicle has just 15 moving parts! As the Vehicle After Sales Service Revenue has been the bedrock of the Auto Dealer viability and profitability, Auto dealers feel threatened! He also mentioned EV Industry has low barriers. The main currency here being Innovation. Just during #HEVEN17, he mentioned, he has seen so many innovations, what to say about the country at large.

Sanjeev Garg, Automotive Expert, Former Global Head Customer Care Tata Motors said EV is in for Sure! When, that is the Big Question. He shared alternate technologies like Hydrogen Fuel Cells and lesser dependance on Batteries. He sounded very confident on Alternate Energy. According to him, Waste disposal Policy, solution and framework on Batteries, Old scrapped vehicles need focus. He laid emphasis on EV Safety Policy. When we talk about Tata Nano, we demand dual airbags but we completely compromise safety with an E rickshaw.

World Auto Forum has the hallmark of taking Dialogue to Action. In furtherance of this objective, all the discussions of #HEVEN17 shall be collated in an Action Document and released soon. The Action Doc shall be made in conjunction with knowledge Partner Markets and Markets – World’s Leading Research and Consulting Firm.


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