WAF Gurus Live 26 : Impact on Global Mobility for Executives & Business Persons

by WAF Think Tank 


  • Russian – Ukraine Crisis

  • We are still amidst the pandemic and now we have another challenge of  the War and Geopolitical tensions.

  • Political Commentators say that the geopolitics of Europe and the World shall change permanently

  • Supply Chains have further strained and become even more unpredictable. Crude is not the only commodity seeing sharp rise in prices.

  • Several American, Japanese,  European, South Korean Companies have ceased manufacturing operations and economic activity at Russia.

  • Money Flow & Payment Systems are severely affected.

Suggested Points of Discussion : 

Amidst the aforesaid situation, how do organisations and individuals plan :

  1. Safe movement and passage of their employees, workers, management

  2. What are the Dos, don’ts , Caveats for the Professionals working across Europe and especially in or around the war torn countries

  3. How does the coordination with the Local Embassy Office work and how to maximise the support and effectiveness ?

  4. What should be the strategy towards : Immigration, Work Travel, Movement of People and Goods

  5. How to maximise safety for the families of the working professionals especially children, women and seniors


Top WAF Gurus Powering the WAFinar no 26 : 


  1. Ashish Saraff, Founder & CEO, Novyy.com , Co-founder, Aretha Capital Partners 

  2. Ajay Sharma, President, Abhinav Immigration Services 

  3. Anuj Guglani, CEO, World Auto Forum Group


Fri 25th March 2022, 5 pm to 6:30 pm IST 

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