JSW MG Motor Partners With Ecofy For Innovative Financing & Leasing Solutions

JSW MG Motor India has entered into a strategic partnership with Ecofy to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across India. This collaboration aims to provide innovative financing options for JSW MG’s electric vehicles, making them more accessible to customers in both urban and rural areas.

These solutions, powered by Autovert, will include attractive loan options and flexible leasing arrangements for both individual customers and B2B operators. The initiative covers both current and future models of JSW MG’s electric vehicles.

To cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers, Ecofy, JSW MG Motor India, and Autovert have developed innovative products and structures, such as easy subscription plans. These offerings aim to accelerate the adoption of electric passenger vehicles by providing customers with unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and affordability.

Rajashree Nambiar, Co-founder, MD & CEO of Ecofy, stated ‘ By combining our expertise in finance and JSW MG’s cutting-edge electric vehicle technology, we aim to make EVs accessible to a wider audience, empowering individuals and businesses to embrace a greener future without compromising on convenience or affordability.’

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer at JSW MG Motor India, mentioned ‘By providing innovative financing options in collaboration with industry specialists, we are making EV ownership more accessible and affordable to a broader audience”.

Through its extensive dealership network, JSW MG Motor India will provide access points for customers seeking to purchase EVs with attractive financing options. The partnership’s competitive edge lies in its innovative products, seamless digital approval processes, and hassle-free ownership experience for customers.