WAF MasterClass on M&A for Automotive

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 Why a Masterclass on M&A for Automotive ?

Last Year, India overtook Germany to become the Fourth Largest Auto market in the World.

In 2020 India shall be the third Largest , just behind US & China after overtaking Japan.

Automotive Industry in India contributes 8% of GDP & 49% of Manufacturing GDP.

20 Million Jobs are in the Indian Economy due to Automotive : Direct and Indirect.

Automotive is the Number One thrust Area for Make In India Initiative by Niti Aayog, Govt of India

The Entire World is looking at India for the Global Automotive Industry Growth

 There are Innovators working on Cutting Edge Tech and there are Established Big Companies looking at acquiring the right tech, the right teams. There are similar size Co’s looking at mergers for Win-Win.

So we are all set to do a WAF MasterClass on M&A for Automotive!

Learn from the Top M&A Professionals, Top Lawyers, Top Deal Makers, 

Former & Present Auto CXOsThe Very Best in M&A for Automotive. 

This shall be PRICELESS 


The Art of an M&A Deal Negotiation -Live Examples not just theory

  • A Thought Through Strategy is Half Battle Won – How’s & Why’s 
  • Sensing, Absorbing and Processing the Latent Needs, Key Motives of Negotiation Parties
  • Different Styles & Techniques of Negotiation
  • How to Regain lost ground
  • How to engage all Stakeholders
  • Things unique to Automotive Industry

How to Structure a Win-Win M&A Deal in Automotive

  • Popular Deal Structuring Frameworks – Effective Ones in Automotive
    • The Right Due Diligence – Saves a Lot of Headache Later
    • How to raise Funds – Is Cheap the Only criterion?
    • The Crazy game of Valuations- Can Auto Co’s be valued like any other Co?
  • Lets zero on the Acquisition Vehicle which moves!
  • What can go wrong with Deferred consideration and related issues – The Poor Tycoon
  • Post-closing Organization – Critical Elements

How to Make Tax Consideration in M&A Deals Less Taxing

  • How to prevent Tax from spoiling the Party – Special focus on Automotive
  • Cross Border M&A Deals – Whose Jurisdiction is it Anyways?  – Automotive Case Studies
  • Regulatory Landscape  – India and Global – How it can affect your Deal – Caveats & Learnings
  • Capital Gain Tax – Timing & Valuation
  • Having an eye for Vexatious Tax Issues & Endless Tax Disputes

How to Steer Past Legal Issues and have a Stellar M&A Deal Documentation Process

  • The Regular Stuff and the Irregular one – How this can be a Headache if not done right
  • Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa – Merger & Demergers – Recursions, Opportunities – Ref to Automotive
  • Key consideration in M&A Deal Documentation – Special focus for Auto Suppliers & OEM’s
  • Issues faced by listed companies (SEBI Takeover Code)

World Auto forum has been creating Win Win Avenues for the Global Auto Industry last 10 Years.

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We shall take just 25 People in the Hall for this Unique Journey to learn how to create limitless wealth for all Stakeholders!

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