So What’s up Carlos Ghosn ?

By Anuj Guglani CEO WAF  

  • Flees Japan, goes to  Lebanon despite his Passports withheld. Even his Lawyer clueless

  • Says Japanese Trial is discriminatory and biased. 

  • Was out on Bail with Strict restrictions on movements

  • Was arrested by Japanese Authorities on alleged financial irregularities 

  • Was fired by Nissan a few days after his Arrest 

So Mr Carlos Ghosn,  what’s up ? Yes you are surely one global citizen! Brazilian born , Lebanese Antecedents , French Businessman,  Turnaround champ of a Japanese Auto Co.

The Poster Boy of Automotive, man with a Midas Touch and Now a FUGITIVE!

Boardroom Politics , Political System Vendetta , Secret Services Involvement, Diplomatic Undercurrent, Fraud? So what’s the truth ?

There’s surely more than what meets the eye!

How can a person leave a country and entry another without a passport ?

Being in Japan, getting arrested, fired by Nissan, all in a weeks time! Coincidence ?

Not allowed to speak even with one’s wife ?

Hailed as a turnaround champ of one of the Biggest Auto Cos of Japan, Nissan , for several years and then suddenly showed as a fraudster who siphons company funds to his private accounts ?

If the charges are found true and proven who were the people protecting him then and who are the ones who have helped him flee now ?

It is surely straight out of a Hollywood thriller. I’m sure many Movie makers might have already staked a claim for his Biopic!

Even Things at Nissan Motor Corporation haven’t been well.

There are sudden resignations & sudden appointments at the Board. The company braces for a worst ever profit in 11 Years. The company desperately needs a turnaround 2.0.  It has surely paid a price!

Eventually Hope Justice, Good Conscience and Equity Win. If Mr Ghosn says he’s not being given a fair trial then he surely has a right to one and a right to be heard when he says that! Even rapists, terrorists have that Basic Human right. The right to Justice and a Fair Trial ! So why not Him?  May the Rule of Law Win, one more time!



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