WAF Gurus Live -2 – How to Manage Teams, Clients, Suppliers during and after Lockdown? 📺

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Please join us for this Interesting Video Discussion of the Top Gurus of Automotive and Mobility


5 PM – 6 PM, Thurs, April 2 , 2020

A Few Pointers :


1. It seems straight from a Hollywood Movie! But its true! Something beyond our wildest Imaginations

 2. Our Teams : DURING LOCKDOWN : Our Communication , How to engage , Benefits , Getting the work done

After Lockdown : How to re engage ,


3. Clients : Is it criminal to talk about Business, Pending Payments, future plans ?

 4. Suppliers : Force Majeure to Suppliers , while we go about donating crores for COVID Relief ?

 5. In short how to take them all as family and find a common ground , common solution to the common challenge ?

 6. What is the support we can seek from Govt – State and Centre, Trade Associations ?

 7. What is the Real Way we can harness Digital now ?

8. A few Innovations , Quick hacks

9. Are we taking this Problem Lightly ? What are the long term Preparations required ?

10. Jaan hai to Jahaan hai … The Lockdown is replenishing the Ozone Layer, Cleaning the Air, repairing Mother Nature,  the Glaciers might reappear at the Poles….Rest everything can be fixed ?  🙂


After Lockdown :

11. What shall be the “New Normal”

12. How to rebuild teams and businesses, reignite the passion

13. Financial health : How to focus , where to begin ?

14. How can we go beyond borders , beyond Industry fragments to build and repair the eco system and the economy ?

15. What are the Use cases , learnings we can take from across the World ?


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