WAF Gurus Live : How to Manage During & After the Lockdown at the Automotive Industry.

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Together to March Forward! 



Join us for this Interesting Video Webinar 

Speakers :

Nikunj Sanghi – Past President and Current Director – F A D A , Chairman – ASDC, MD – J.S. Fourwheel Motors

Hardeep S Brar – Director – Mktg & Sales, Great Wall Motors 

Ashish Gupta – Head of Sales – Volkswagen India 

Tanuj Pugalia – CMD – Gallops Motors – A Pugalia Group Venture

Vinkesh Gulati – VP – F A D A, Director – United Automobiles 

Harsh Vashist – MD- Satyam Group of Cos & Sparsh Autotech

Vikrantt Mohan – President – All India Automobile Workshops Association 

Anuj Guglani – CEO, WAF

 A Few Pointers : 

1. The SC Order on BS4 Extension and the confusion around it ( We can discuss it without getting sued for contempt :).   )

2.  When was the last time we were in a lockdown like this ? Any Learnings though the world would have been very different then..

3.  Consumer Sentiment & Industry Sentiment  : How to rebuild ?

4. How to Rebuild with Govt & Industry Partnerships ?

5.  How to Kickstart Economy / Industry  Revival when things get Normal. How would we define and Qualify ‘The New Normal’ ?

6. How can we use our time effectively during this Lockdown ?

7. How much can digital help ?

8. How can countries join forces to come out of this together ? How can Automotive and Mobility Eco Systems across borders come together as its a common problem, so even the solutions can be common.

9. A few Innovations , Quick hacks

10. Are we taking this Problem Lightly ? What are the long term Preparations required ?

11. Jaan hai to Jahaan hai … The Lockdown is replenishing the Ozone Layer , Cleaning the Air,  the Glaciers might reappear at the Poles….Rest everything can be fixed ?  🙂