WAF Gurus Live 20 : The Future of Mobility – EV or FCEV ? Must Attend!

5 pm to 6 pm ist , Sat 20 March, 2021

 Join us for an Interesting Session of WAF Gurus Live Episode 20


1.  Do you agree with Mr Musk ?

2.  Electrification @ Mobility is a clear global phenomena

3.  Battery : Right from Mining to Acquisition, to Usage, to Disposal is still a perplexing piece.

4.  Power Generation worldwide is still predominantly fossil fuel dependent.

5.  Can the Fuel Cell solve the future problems of the EV ?

6.  Should the world directly move to FCEV ? What are the Other Options ?

7. Use cases of FCEV Vs EV

8. What are the Inherent complexities & challenges of Hydrogen based Mobility?

9. A worldwide Battery Race is “On”. Would Fuel Cell find a seat at the table ?


1. Dr Ajit Jindal, Former Head- CV, ERC, Tata Motors 

2. Vinay Piparsania, CEO – IIT Delhi Endowment Management Foundation

3. Avik Chattopadhyay, Co Founder- Expereal 

4. Shivalik Prasad, VP- Sibros

5. Anuj Guglani, CEO World Auto Forum


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        5 pm to 6 pm ist , Sat 20 March, 2021