This Dussehra, Lets Crush these 10 Heads of Bad Habits

There cant be a better day and a better way to end these 10 Bad Habits which severely influence our Safety. 

by Anuj Guglani CEO World Auto Forum


1.Drunk Driving 

What can be more irresponsible and Loss- Loss than Drunk Driving . You endanger your own life and also of the innocent fellow commuter on the road. Do we also add Homeless the People on the Pavement ? In the age of a Cab coming over in minutes and charging lesser than the Fuel + Alcohol Expense, it makes even a sound Business case if saving lives was unconvincing.

2. Mobile Phone : Driver & Pedestrian  

Easily slated as one of the Biggest Distraction of the Century. Its not just while driving. The pedestrians when on phone,  are equally distracted if not more, while crossing the road. Texting and driving, Texting & walking and with headphones on surely a game Plan for Disaster. We need signs of No Mobile while crossing the road at Intersections.


3. Over speeding and Excessive Honking 

In residential areas vehicles, especially the over speeding two wheelers, tend to excessive honk too. As if that grants them impunity. You add Alcohol, you have an even more lethal recipe. It starts at Home. The parents, kids, spouses need to reign in their over speeding family member. We need more and more speed cameras and less of Statues & full Page Ads in Newspapers by Govt.


4. Not Following Traffic Rules 

It might sound a “given” but isn’t. The MVA Act enforcement has seen an effective beginning. We need to be stricter. We need to sustain the enforcements to lead to a cultural shift and transform to rule abiding commuters.


5. Not Calling 100 /112 on seeing an Accident

Thats the least one can do to save a road accident victim. The golden hour saves lives. Even if we are in a hurry for our meeting, office, movie. We can dial 100 and share the exact location, request for ambulance. As per Good Samaritan Protection law laid down by Honble Supreme Court and now also part of the MVA Act 2019, you can help and still not share your name and other details. The Cops shall not harass you and if they do, please remind them of the Good Samaritan Protection law. By harassing they are in contempt of Supreme Court and also breaking the law of the land!

6. Missing Vehicle Service 

We need regular preventive Health Care. So does the Vehicle. After all its a machine with 2K + Moving parts, considering its an ICE and not an EV! It actually saves you money by getting higher mileage, preventing bigger and expensive repairs, breakdowns in the middle of nowhere with family and of course a great driving experience!

7. Overcharging Vehicle Service Consumers 

The Automotive slowdown probably puts more load on the after sales functions of the Auto Cos, dealerships. But does that mean they start overcharging the customers. In the age of Service Cost Comparisons and Service complaints features of Websites like, overcharging is a sure shot recipe to lose the customers. As you can fool them just once! So whom are we fooling ? Just Ourselves!

8. Non Genuine Spares 

The Industry needs to come together and fight this menace. Its a common enemy of Auto Parts makers, OEMs, Dealers and most importantly Consumers. The govt should make a few important and critical to life parts “open” like generic drugs. Every Spare part should have a QR Code to track the movement and source for fighting spurious Parts. Manufacturing, selling of Spurious parts should be ridden with heavy penalties and imprisonment as a deterrence,  akin Life Saving Drugs, which they actually surely are !

9. Not Doing Voluntary Recall 

As an Auto Maker , I know about a defect in my product which is now sold and used by a consumer. Its my moral, ethical and legal duty to get it back, fix and ensure its road worthy. The New MVA Act addresses these issue brilliantly. My only question do we really need a law to do it ? Isn’t this hygiene. We need to educate the consumers , that voluntary recalls are much better than silent and clandestine fixes, an auto maker might do while your vehicle comes for a routine service.

In 2009 when Toyota America did a record 9 Million + voluntary recalls, the same year they also sold record no of new cars worldwide not just US! You win trust and respect with Voluntary Recalls in letter and spirit! Period!

10. Being Insensitive to fellow Commuter 

What you sow, you reap. Insensitivity travels full circle. It doesn’t cost to be kind and respectful to fellow commuters. You tend to benefit the Most! You stay in a Good Mood! You earn blessings and smiles from all around! What can be more Win Win?


Lets Crush these 10 Heads and Wishing you a Very Happy Dussehra!


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About the Author 

Anuj Guglani CEO World Auto Forum 

An Engineering Graduate from Nagpur University and an MBA from IIT Delhi, he also has an LLB degree from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Anuj Guglani is the Founder & CEO at  World Auto Forum since 2009. He has also been CEO of ACE at Work – a consulting firm for training, strategy and SOPs for auto makers and auto dealers across the world.

From 2001 to 2007, he worked with Honda Cars and General Motors across Channel & Institutional Sales, Product and Retail Sales training.

He is also the founder of, which is a a Web app for the confused Car Buyer and Hassled Car Service Customer.

He is also the Co-founder and partner at a Green Energy Consortium called Jan Oorja, that produces Bio-CNG from Waste for a cleaner greener and healthier earth.

Mr. Anuj Guglani is also the head of an NGO called Citizens for Better India that works towards improving the lives for women, children and senior citizens.