WGL 16 : Running Factories, Warehouses & Dealerships on Solar

Learn how its Done! Money Saved is Money Earned

Discussion Points 

1. What should be the objectives when going solar ? Is it the means or the end ? 

2. Carbon Neutrality and Green Revenue aspects

3. Integrating with other Clean tech like Bio CNG, Wind, Green Building, Water recycling

4. The Financials : Capex, Opex, Savings, Revenue

5. What are the Pros and Cons of Solar ? How to deal with constraints like Bad Weather, Space, Rented Premises, Limited/ Partial or No rooftop Access

6. Technical insights in Planning a Solar Solution : Dos, Don’ts. Caveats 

7.  Maintenance Aspects of a Solar Installation 

8. Learnings and Knowledge Sharing 

9. Some Best Practices & Use Cases for Automotive Industry

10 Solar Grid for Industrial Areas or Hubs for Greater Leverage, Better Maintenance, Efficiency and Output 

Top Industry Gurus in the House 

Nachiket Kodkani, VP Manufacturing, M&M Farm Division

Anil Bhat, Sr VP Business Development, Amplus Solar 

Anuj Guglani, CEO, World Auto Forum