5 Steps to Build a Seamless Warranty Claims Process With Intellinet

A warranty is a contractual obligation incurred by the manufacturer in connection with the sale of the product. The purpose of the warranty is to establish liability in the event of the premature failure of a product or the inability of the product to perform its intended purpose.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) provide warranties to emphasize product quality and combat competitors. Warranty management has a direct impact on the profitability of an OEM, its dealer network, and other supply chain partners.

For any OEM to thrive in this competitive market and changing market dynamics, they need to incorporate solutions that ease and automate processes. Warranty claims are an integral part of any OEM to stay competitive.

Intellinet Systems has emerged as a leader in providing solutions to OEMs by leveraging advanced technology. Intellinet has been at the forefront of automotive aftermarket innovation by developing solutions that are automated and equally disruptive. Intelli Warranty is one such solution that eases the warranty claims processes for OEMs.

In this blog, we will explore how Intelli Warranty has been bridging the gap between dealers, suppliers, and OEMs to ensure a smooth warranty claims process.

What Steps Can OEMs Incorporate To Ensure A Seamless Warranty Claims Process?

Building a seamless warranty claims process for OEMs is essential as it is cost-intensive and dependent on data. To ensure that the claims process runs smoothly, OEMs need to optimize efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and user experience, and also ensure effective handling of warranty-related issues.

The five key steps to achieve this transition are:

1. Integration of Advanced Software: There is a need for a robust and advanced warranty management system that utilizes cutting-edge technology to make processes efficient. OEMs also need to ensure that it aligns with the business goals and specific needs of the organization. The solution must be able to streamline the entire warranty cycle, from claim generation to resolution.

2. Efficient Data Capture and Storage: As the warranty claims process is dependent on data, it is essential that the solution implemented can capture and analyze data to streamline the warranty claims process. There is a need for a centralized database for quick retrieval of data when required.

3. Claim Process Automation: Manual processes are now outdated as the market is based on efficiency and automation. The need of the hour is to implement a solution that automates the claims processes. This solution must be able to route claims to appropriate personnel based on rules and attributes that are predefined.

4. Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: The warranty claim lifecycle is dependent on data and the solution should be able to track and monitor the claims process throughout the lifecycle. This would provide the transparency and visibility that enables quick decision-making, which helps avoid bottlenecks and solve challenges quickly. There should also be a means to report and analyze data that would help analyze the performance of the warranty claims solution and the process.

5. Customer Experience and Feedback: There should be a framework to continuously monitor the warranty claims data. This helps in continuous improvement and also empowers OEMs to improve the performance of the warranty claims processes. There needs to be a customer feedback mechanism that fosters greater collaboration between teams and other channels like suppliers or dealers to achieve greater efficiency and empower growth.

This is how OEMs can build a seamless warranty management system that fosters an environment for collaboration, automation, empowerment, and efficiency. Now, let us discuss the innovative solution, Intelli Warranty, and how it brings all these perspectives into the picture to create a transparent yet secure and sophisticated yet simple approach to make the warranty claims process efficient.

Intelli Warranty: Redefining Warranty Management for OEMs

Intelli Warranty is an advanced warranty management system that helps OEMs revolutionize the warranty management process by leveraging cutting-edge technology. This solution has been helping OEMs achieve greater efficiency by automating and expediting the warranty claims process. Intelli Warranty has proven to be an efficient solution to enhance operational efficiency as it prioritizes a seamless user experience and boasts cross-browser compatibility with a responsive design.

OEMs can experience unparalleled efficiency with reduced costs, a claim process that is streamlined, and achieve optimal operational performance. Intelli Warranty can also help OEMs achieve the revenue potential for service operations when they embrace its transformative and disruptive capabilities.

Let us look at the features of this solution and the value it adds to OEMs:

1. Multiple Claims: Intelli Warranty is a solution that aims to ease the warranty claims process and protect OEMs from warranty fraud. This solution enables OEMs to generate six different types of claims which include Dealer PDI, OEM PDI, Post-Sale, Campaign, Spare Part, and Goodwill claims. With an interactive drop-down feature that lists all these claims, OEMs can choose the type of claim they want to initiate and the claims can be generated with ease.

2. Integration With SAP and ERP Systems: As a scalable and futuristic solution, Intelli Warranty can integrate with other modules such as EPC, SAP, SI, and multiple others. This integration enables this solution to double-check the parts order management for the purchase and order history while generating the claim. There is also an innovative jumper module that enables access to these claims with just one click.

3. Role-Defined User Access: Intelli Warranty enables OEMs to create multiple users and provide access to them based on their roles. These roles or capabilities can be defined based on the state, dealer, plant, supplier, make or combination of defined items, type of claim, etc. In a nutshell, the roles are defined based on the requirements of users/departments in a claim process. This makes the solution secure and data is protected from unwarranted use.

4. Work Queue Optimisation: With Intelli Warranty, intelligent queue optimization manages the claims seamlessly by assigning them to processors or suppliers which are based on dynamically assigned parameters. The processors are categorized by OEMs based on parameters like designation, geographic area, roles, etc. This is an automated process that streamlines the workflow and ensures that the claim is directed to suitable processors. This process helps enhance overall efficiency.

5. Return Material Authorisation: Intelli Warranty enables an adaptable way to enable OEMs to ask for any casual parts as needed. This solution empowers OEMs to generate Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) at any time during the post-claim approval. There are diverse methods and predefined rules that guide the RMA integration.

To make the claims process even more seamless, Intelli Warranty is fully integrated with FedEx and UPS services for call tag generation and live tracking.

Further automation includes barcode packing, invoice list generation, scrap note management, commerce list creation, declaration letter processing, third-party address validation, etc.

6. Advanced Policy Administration Attributes: The flexibility to define attributes in the system like coverage definitions, warranty policies, standard repair time, standard labor hours, and more are provided to OEMs with Intelli Warranty. The eligibility and applicability of a claim are automatically defined based on the predefined business rules.

7. Auto-Generation of Supplier Claim: In traditional, paper-based models, OEMs were required to generate the supplier claims manually for every claim generated by the dealer. Intelli Warranty automated this process and ensures that supplier claims are automatically generated on the approval of every dealer claim.

8. Interactive Dashboard: Intelli Warranty enhances the user experience as it features interactive dashboards representing KPIs and fusion charts that help users instantly analyze the data.

The information about pending claims, part return requests, system conflicts, etc is known to the users directly through the interactive dashboards.

Data can be exported in multiple formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, and XML, while there are multiple fusion charts available for data representation within the dashboard.


Implementing a solution that enables organizations to automate processes is the need of the hour. With the market dynamics continuously changing, innovations frequently disrupting and new technologies reshaping the future, Intelli Warranty is a solution that is built to last, scale, and grow as the organization grows.

This solution has enabled OEMs to ensure the warranty claim process works with efficiency and fosters automation with scalability at its core. Talk with us and let us discuss how can be your partners in future endeavors!