WAF Partners Niti Aayog & DST Govt of India for EV Battery and Connector Standardisation

by WAF Think Tank 

WAF is the Industry Outreach Partner of Niti Aayog & DST for EV Battery & Connector Standardisation Program for 2 & 3W

Are we bothered about the size & shape of fuel nozzle which fuels our IC Engine vehicle currently ? Its a no brainer question. It might have been a huge problem last century when we had graduated from horse carriages to Motor Vehicles.

The world owes a lot to the people who worked on the standardisation back then!

Now as we ring in the EV era, we need to make the size, shape and dimensions of the batteries, a no brainer for the generations to come.

Similarly we need to standardise the connectors too. Let there be no hurdles to an EV Revolution!

Battery Size Standardisation is a pre requisite for Battery Swapping . The size standardisation has to be agnostic of the Battery Chemistry.

‘We, at WAF feel privileged to partner the India EV Policy Makers and Scientists for these EV Charging Standards which shall pave the future of Sustainable Green Mobility at India’, says Anuj Guglani, CEO, World Auto Forum

Connector standardisation is also important to ensure seamless power delivery.

WAF is getting the Industry together for a win win dialogue on the aforesaid standardisation.

This shall go a long way in ensuring :

  1. Fast tracking EV Adoption
  2. Lower acquisition and running costs by triggering economies of scale
  3. USBificaion of the connectors : Any Vehicle, One Connector!

If you are an EV Maker, battery maker or a EV Aggregator, you just can’t miss this feedback program.

Connect with us at hi@waf.bz and participate in the EV revolution. Your opinion counts!