Maruti Suzuki ordered to refund car’s price as airbag did not deploy during accident

Source : PTI | A consumer panel in Kerala has ordered automobile giant Maruti Suzuki India Limited to refund the price of a car they sold to a customer as its airbag did not deploy during an accident three years ago.

The Malappuram District Consumer Commission issued the order based on a complaint filed by Mohammed Musliar, a native of Indianoor in this northern district. As per the complaint, the car in which the complainant travelled met with an accident on June 30, 2021, and the man suffered critical injuries as the vehicle was severely damaged in the mishap, an official statement said here quoting the commission on Tuesday.

The consumer approached the redressal body alleging it was the fault of the manufacturer that the airbag did not deploy, which caused him serious injuries. The Motor Vehicle Inspector also reported that the airbag did not function at the time of the crash.

The commission ordered a refund of INR 4,35,854, the price of the vehicle, and INR 20,000 as cost of litigation, the statement further said. If the order is not implemented within a month, 9% interest shall be applicable, the commission added.