Over 1.40 lakh overage vehicles scrapped in financial year 2022-23

Source : PTI | Over 1.40 lakh overage vehicles were scrapped in the financial year 2022-23 as against 4,923 deregistered vehicles in the 2021-22 fiscal, according to the Statistical Handbook-2023. The handbook containing data on socio-economic parameters of the national capital was released by the the Delhi government’s Economic and Statistics department.

The Delhi government’s Electric Vehicle Policy aimed at raising the share of electric vehicles in Delhi to 25% by 2024 was notified in August 2020.

Scrapping incentives are also provided under this policy. The policy lapsed last year but has been granted multiple extensions. It was recently granted an extension till March 31 since the Electric Vehicle Policy 2.0 is still in the works.

According to the document, 4,923 vehicles were scrapped in the 2021-22 financial year while 1,40,342 vehicles were scrapped in 2022-23.

As many as 54,95,838 (54.95 lakh) overage vehicles were deregistered in the 2022-23 fiscal while 48,77,646 (48.77 lakh) overage vehicles were deregistered in the 2021-22 fiscal.

The document said that 6,23,034 deregistered vehicles took the no objection certificate (NOC) from the Transport department to be shifted to other states in 2022-23 while 83,240 vehicles did the same in 2021-22.

In 2018, the Supreme Court banned diesel and petrol vehicles older than 10 and 15 years, respectively, in Delhi. The apex court had said that the vehicles plying in violation of the order would be impounded.

The document said that there were only two electric buses in Delhi in 2021-22 but were not plying on the roads while the number surged to 300 in the next fiscal, with 202 being on the roads.

The number of passengers travelling in the buses rose from 5702.20 lakh in 2021-22 to 9132.90 lakh in 2022-23.

In 2021-22, 95 buses were involved in accidents as against 118 in 2022-23. Out of 95 buses, 20 were involved in fatal accidents, while four were involved in major and 71 in minor accidents in 2021-22.

In the next fiscal, 36 buses were involved in fatal accidents, while 10 were involved in fatal ones and 72 in minor ones.

The data showed that 55 cluster buses met with accidents in 2022-23 while 29 buses were involved in fatal ones, 15 in major ones and 11 in minor ones.