Simple & Sustainable Solution to Stubble Burning Problem of North India

by Anuj Guglani, CEO World Auto Forum

During winters, stubble Burning is a Big cause of Air Pollution in North India. 

There are a few simple measures, if taken can lead to not just its prevention but also empower the farmer with an additional earning source and lesser dependance on Fossil fuels and fertilisers thereby also saving him money. Lets see how…

Several journalists say, The law passed in Punjab in 2009, to delay the sowing of Kharif crops is responsible for the Stubble Burning. It gives less time to farmers to harvest, hence they are forced to burn the stubble. The Lawmakers say the law was passed to preserve the water table and divert farmers to other crops like Maize.

People also say it’s the over mechanisation of agriculture which leads to stubble burning problem. The reason which has consensus is that the farmer already heavily debt ridden, doesn’t have time and resources to procure more machines like Happy Seeder or Turbo Happy Seeder.

Lets convert this Threat into the Farmer’s Biggest Opportunity 

Bio Gas can be the Panacea!

The paddy straw can be used to produce Bio Gas! No Rocket Science. We have heard this before. The need of the hour is to take it to every district, every village , every farmer home. It needs a revolution, a law, a carrot and a stick and social acceptance through a Reward and Recognition  Regime!

So here’s the Plan point by point :

  1. A Two cubic m family Size Bio gas Plant, each farmer gets at his home on a 100% subsidy with Training & Skilling Support
  2. The Toilet waste also connected for better bacteria colony and to save water ( if family ok with it )
  3. The farmer gets Free Cooking Gas and Bio Fertiliser. His family saves energy and fertiliser expenses
  4. Each Farmer Family connected to a Bio Gas Grid. Excess gas produced transferred to grid through a meticulous network of employees / volunteers of a new formed Bio gas Cooperative.
  5. Farmer credited money every week based on the gas volume transfer, which is metered and a log can be accessed anytime online or through call center and SMS.
  6. Best compliant farmers get rewarded & recognised by State CM and get further rebates from govt and their kin can get scholarship and or grace marks in Govt Jobs entrance exams.

Now come the Checks and Balances…

  1.  Any Stubble Burning episode shall lead to deduction of income from Bio Gas
  2. The Price for the farmer shall be reduced from MSP if frequent episodes of Stubble Burning
  3. Non Operative Bio Gas Plant ? Farmer has to pay for the Bio Gas Plant
  4. Bio Gas Cooperative shall post videos and photos of each Bio Gas Plant during visits and audits.

The Bio gas produced is enriched into methane ( Bio CNG ) and we produce Electricity and thereby run EVs on it.

It needs an operation akin to Operation Flood on a Big Scale ! 

General Welfare of Farmers funded by the Bio Gas Cooperative 

  1. Loans, Grants, Scholarships

  2. Continuous Training and Skill Development

  3. Investment in village Infrastructure


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