Simplifying Parts Identification and Ordering: AI Enhancements in Intelli Catalog

The world of spare parts management can be a labyrinthine maze for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealer networks. Identifying and procuring the correct parts often involves navigating intricate menus, meticulously scouring technical specifications, and memorizing intricate part numbers – a process that is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, ultimately leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Intelli Catalog: Streamlining Parts Management Through Innovation

Introducing Intelli Catalog, an illustrated spare parts catalog software designed specifically for OEMs to streamline the parts management process for both themselves and their dealer networks. Recently, Intelli Catalog has been further enhanced by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, making parts identification and ordering more efficient and user-friendly than ever before.

AI Part Search: Effortless Identification with Natural Language Understanding

One of the game-changing AI enhancements in Intelli Catalog is the introduction of AI part search. This revolutionary feature empowers dealers to locate parts using natural language queries, eliminating the need to navigate through complex menus or search by part numbers.

Imagine a scenario where a dealer needs to order a specific type of bolt for a particular engine model. Traditionally, they might need to navigate through categories like “Engine Parts,” then meticulously filter by model and engine type, and finally sift through a list of potentially hundreds of bolts to find the specific one they require. This time-consuming and error-prone process can lead to frustration and delays.

With AI part search, the process becomes remarkably simpler. The dealer can simply converse with the AI-powered bot, stating something like “Find the M10 x 1.5mm hex head bolt used in the V8 engine of the 2023 XLT model.” The intelligent system comprehends the natural language query, identifies the relevant information (bolt type, dimensions, engine model, and year), and displays only the specific bolt the dealer needs. This eliminates the need for dealers to navigate through complex menus, memorize part numbers, or spend time filtering through irrelevant results.

The benefits of AI part search extend far beyond mere convenience. By enabling natural language queries, it offers several compelling advantages:

  • Reduced Training Time: Dealers no longer require extensive training on navigating complex menus or memorizing intricate part numbers, allowing them to become productive more quickly.
  • Minimized Errors: The AI system eliminates the possibility of human error in selecting the wrong filter or searching for the incorrect part number, leading to more accurate and efficient parts ordering.
  • Improved Accessibility: Dealers with limited technical expertise or language proficiency can easily find the parts they need using natural language queries, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

MagicPic: Enhancing Image Quality and Workflow for Enhanced Efficiency

Another challenge faced by OEMs in the context of spare parts catalogs is the integration of high-quality images alongside technical specifications. Capturing clear and consistent images for thousands of existing parts, let alone the continuous influx of new parts, can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.

Furthermore, ensuring the quality and consistency of these images is crucial, as unclear or inaccurate images can lead to misidentification and ordering errors, resulting in wasted time, customer dissatisfaction, and potential financial losses.

Intelli Catalog addresses these challenges head-on with the introduction of MagicPic, an AI-powered feature that streamlines the image capturing and processing workflow for OEMs. MagicPic offers several key functionalities:

  • Automated Image Enhancement: After capturing a picture of the part, MagicPic utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically enhance the image, including:
  • Background removal: Isolating the part from its background, creating a clean and focused image for easier identification.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment: Ensuring the image has proper lighting and clarity for accurate identification.
  • Noise reduction: Removing unwanted grain or artifacts from the image for improved visual quality.
  • Customizable Background Selection: OEMs can choose a custom background for the image, further enhancing its visual appeal and clarity. This can be particularly beneficial for highlighting specific features of the part or ensuring consistency across the entire catalog.

Back-office Approval and Publishing: Once the image is enhanced, it undergoes an approval process by the back-office team, ensuring quality control and consistency across the entire catalog. Upon approval, the image gets published to the Intelli Catalog, readily accessible to dealers.

MagicPic not only saves valuable time and resources for OEMs but also guarantees consistent image quality. This ensures that dealers have access to clear and accurate visual representations of the parts they are ordering, reducing the risk of misidentification and ordering errors. This, in turn, leads to a more efficient and accurate parts management process, ultimately benefiting both OEMs and their dealer networks.

Beyond AI: Additional Enhancements in Intelli Catalog

In addition to AI-powered features, Intelli Catalog offers a variety of other enhancements that contribute to a seamless parts identification and ordering.

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