The iTriangle approach to bring in Advanced Telematics Solutions to Commercial Segment Vehicles

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson. Success never comes easy, the ladder to reach the top of any industry requires an organization to undergo immense amount of planning and executing their plans diligently and efficiently. Several mistakes are made in the process of getting things right, but the organizations which reach the top, conquer the world of business with the philosophy of making mistakes but never repeating the same mistakes and not giving up. In this volatile and ever-growing corporate world, it is easy for an organization to get lost in the clutter due to lack of market research and inability to upgrade their offerings according to the requirements and expectations of the market to always require the latest products and services at the most affordable prices. In line with the rapid technological developments and advancements, the Telematics industry in the last decade has been at the crux of meteoric rise and evolution in its impact to the Automobile sector.

Being the Pioneers of the Telematics industry since the last 13 years, iTriangle Infotech Pvt Ltd have conquered several challenges like the pandemic by staying true to its mission of ‘Innovating, optimizing and delivering’ the highest quality of Telematics devices at affordable price range and in the process, have created a highly sustainable and respectable position in the Telematics industry as the leaders in their own rights. With the dedicated and deep-rooted principles of its co-founders Vadiraj Katti & Kiran A R, the company follows the basic principle it was founded on – which is to bring indigenous telematics design, development and manufacturing company in India for India and the world.

With constant Market research, product developments and innovations, iTriangle became the first Telematics company to develop their own AIS 140 Certified device called as BHARAT 101. Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a set of standards directed by MoRTH & published by ARAI (Automotive) for vehicle tracking system and emergency request button. The government has directed every state’s public transport department to make sure that all passenger carrying buses conform to the AIS 140 guidelines. By constant market evaluation and research, iTriangle became trend setters in the Indian Telematics space after getting AIS 140 certifications and went on to achieving the status of connoisseurs for the requirement of majority of the Government and commercial vehicles running in India.

Our DGM of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Kiran Kumar T has aptly summarized the use of our AIS 140 certified device by stating that “Our flagship AIS 140 device, BHARAT 101, offers immense value to Government & commercial vehicles applications. Our devices can help across various vehicle segments as they understand the nuances of each segment well. For Commercial vehicle industry, the consideration would be the number of running hours. This segment also has sensor requirements and where the operational capabilities change from vehicle to vehicle. Major civil construction companies, public transport and other commercial vehicles are already using our telematic devices and solutions.” Kiran.T further adds: “With a serial port, RS232, that can get connected to a fuel sensor, the customer can get data like fuel consumed or was pilferage and there is a digital input that gets connected to the ignition. With a single connection, we can capture data such as the number of ignition hours, and with the help of our 3-axis accelerometer and ignition combination we can understand the running hours of a particular vehicle.”

The point of differentiation between iTriangle and other GPS manufacturers and suppliers is that iTriangle’s analytics help ports track the fleet movement inside the premises. Their special edge also lies in product development and serviceability of the market. Kiran shares: “We help our customers analyse the data at an efficient cost. Our primary focus is on quality so that customers can take maximum benefit out of these devices for the next 3-5 years.”

In the commercial vehicle sector, the strategy implemented by iTriangle is simple, ‘The product speaks for itself, BHARAT 101 was crowned as India’s first AIS140 certified device and has been the most trusted VLTD of the country because of its stability and the advance features that it offers. The device has been completely designed, developed in house as per the MoRTH mandate. It can be used in tracking, I/O applications, serial data, and real-time tracking. It can be used as a fleet management device in various domains such as Logistic, Taxi operation, Car/Bike rentals and Insurance Telematics etc. It has an internal antenna that makes it suitable for hidden/stealth installations.

Kiran says: “Our buyers are B2B customers who have their own software solutions but wish to integrate it with our hardware. In another month’s time, we will be having additional 10000 additional devices in a certain project that has more than 45000 vehicles deployed. We are continuously building our distributor channel since the time AIS 140 has been active and we want the channel to become self-sustaining. That will leave us to focus better on our product development.” iTriangle is ready to launch four new products that are variants in the 4G platform in the next couple of months and true to it mission of innovating, optimizing and delivering the best in the commercial transportation sector by continuing to develop the devices with the latest market standards and requirements, we are ready to capture the 4G market and continue to  make a lasting impression in the Telematics Industry for the foreseeable future!

By Mark Prakash