The iTriangle mission to Create & Sustain a Connected, Secure, Safe and Efficient Ecosystem for the Electric Vehicle Industry through Telematics and Mobility

Rise in Pollution…Depletion of the ozone layer and valuable resources getting exhausted are just a few of the symptoms of an extensive issue that has not only plagued the Environment but also jeopardized the future Generations from being able to use various resources for development and prosperity. The Automobile industry, one of the core sectors effecting our daily lives has recently been on the forefront of this battle to Combat this issue in their own way by introducing and promoting the use of Electric Vehicles to replace Petrol based vehicles to strive towards utilizing fuel alternatives. As the culture of Automobile Giants like Tesla, Tata and Hyundai introducing better and progressively efficient Electric Vehicles in the Market continues in this day & age, it has risen the need for Telematics in the EV industry for these Vehicles to provide competitive features to the end user so that a smarter choice can be made to invest in Electric vehicles and venture towards a cleaner ecosystem.


Telematics plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any vehicle as it provides countless benefits and features to the Vehicle/ Fleet owner by providing Critical Vehicle data to them right at ease of their fingertips. This is where iTriangle plays a Vital role in the Telematics space. Being the pioneers of the Telematics industry since the last decade and providing their Telematics Device offering across the nation, they have installed more than 6,50,000 Devices in Vehicles not only Pan-India but around the globe in regions of Asia, Middle East and Africa. The unmatched expertise of Telematics combined with the mission of contributing towards a cleaner, greener and safer Environment has led them to enter the EV Telematics space and provide their offerings in a mission to Create & Sustain a Connected, Secure, Safe and Efficient Ecosystem for the Electric Vehicle Industry through Telematics and Mobility.


TS 101 Basic EV CAN, iTriangle’s premium Telematics device is currently adding tremendous value to the EV ecosystem by offering a full stack Telematics suite which includes a complete solution starting from basic features such as Track & Trace, speed & distance data, driving behaviour, sensor integration etc. to EV specific features such as Range anxiety, Battery SOC, Vehicle diagnostics and much more. Harshit Mathur, DGM Sales & Marketing of iTriangle affirmatively states that “The iTriangle advantage towards the EV Telematics has been a game changer! The plethora of advantages which can be provided not only range across basic features such as State of Charge, Range Estimation, Motor & Battery Health and multiple Data points with Track and Trace but also yield Most of the Domain Related Calculations like, Trip Statistics, Driving Statistics, Alert KPIs etc. on the device and reducing load on server thereby drastically helping Application Scalability. The Feature of Vehicle FOTA has also provided the ability to Seamlessly  upgrade the Firmware of the vehicle ECUs over the air remotely and ultimately reducing cost of Service operation”.


The impact of EV Telematics by iTriangle has significantly left a mark in the industry and has enabled the End users of the Electric vehicles to enjoy numerous features and benefits which is  easily accessible at their disposal and has made the process of shifting from Fuel based vehicles towards Electric vehicles seamlessly and comfortably. The success of iTriangle in the EV industry has reached the four corners of the Nation and the beneficial influence it has had over the Telematics sector has enabled the Company to soon enter provide device offerings into the 4G Telematics space. Great changes and developments are coming soon, Keep an eye on this space for exciting developments shortly!


by : Mark Prakash