WAF Annual Partner : High Quality Sanitising Products at Reasonable Prices

When the unlockdown began, we got feedback and requests from several Workshops for Quality Sanitisation Products at Reasonable Prices.

We evaluated several players and selected Chemi Kleen Solutions who have been making & exporting Hygiene Products last Half a century.

Sanitisation is here to stay. Going forward, we can’t afford to either pay high prices or cut corners in usage. So we asked Chemi Kleen to develop Best Quality Products at Reasonable Prices.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Newest Annual Partner at WAF : Chemi Kleen Solutions.

We encourage you to evaluate them and their hygiene products

Your teams can feel free to connect with Mr Jerry ( +91 8368746841 ) Head, Strategic Partnerships, WAF or Mr Anupam Bhardwaj ( +91 9717488088) MD, Chemi Kleen Solutions for additional details, compliances certificates, tech details and Product Evaluation!

Lets Stay Safe & Secure