Mental Health Special : “Minding our Mind During the COVID Era “

Lets Reduce Psychological distress during COVID by better understanding of Mental Health  

Learn How to Mind the Mind!

Unable to Move Out and Meet People. Social Distancing and wearing mask are the New hygiene. Locked up at Home. Low or No Income. Job & Work Insecurity. Children unable to attend School. Family & Work relationships at a Test. Feeling Generally Low ?

A Few Basic Cues for Discussion ( Please feel free to expand , tweak, elaborate ) : 

• How to remain Focussed, Happy and Positive ?

• Most Motivation and Pep talk don’t have an effect for more than a few hours or max a day. What to do, How to Manage Emotions. How to feel & think Positive and upbeat on a regular basis ?

• How to stop getting tense ? How to connect with family, friends, colleagues, business associates in the Right way ?

• How to prepare and overcome during these challenging times?

• How to do Behavioral and Emotional Tweaks and Adjustments ?

• How to help others ?

• Lets equip our Industry people in the Best Way! By nurturing the Best Mental Health in a sustained way !

This is not just about us. It’s also about our family, friends, relatives, colleagues and everyone in our Business and Social circle.

Speakers at WAF Gurus Live! 6 :

Anveeksha Tripathi Jain – Chief Psychologist & Founder, The Coffee Conversations

Subhajit Roy – Head, Customer Care, Tata Motors PVBU

Dr Priyanka Yadav – Leading Psychiatrist , AIIMS Alumnus 

Rajiv Kapoor – ED, CEO & Group Head -HR – Uno Minda Group , N K Minda Group

Bhupinder Singh – CEO, Sunbeam Auto 

Anuj Guglani – CEO, WAF