VW Virtus sets a new speed record in the Rann of Kutch | Team Evo India

In an age where we fret over potholes and unpaved roads, daredevils at Evo India have embarked on a journey that most wouldn’t even dare to imagine. Imagine traversing a 73 km stretch of just loose rocks, sand, and dry cracked earth, where temperatures spike up to a scorching 50 degrees Celsius. Picture the impending dangers of blinding sandstorms and poor visibility. All of this, in a regular car equipped with standard tyres, not specialized rally ones. Yes, you heard it right!

Evo India, led by Sirish Chandran and Nikhil V. Pai, with an iron nerve and indomitable spirit, embarked on this daring journey, setting a new speed record for crossing the Rann of Kutch, all in a Volkswagen Virtus GT. Powering their perilous journey was the car’s 1.5 TSI engine, designed for reliability and high performance in harsh conditions.

Their remarkable run produced some fascinating figures:

• Time: 32 min 57.7 sec

• Distance: 73.40km

• Average speed: 133.09 kmph

• Top speed: 184 kmph

Why did they choose the VW Virtus for this impressive feat? Among numerous reasons, the team cited the following key factors:

  1. German Engineering customised to Indian Driving Conditions: With sturdy construction and optimized design, the Virtus GT is a testament to German engineering’s excellence.

  2. High Ground Clearance: The Virtus GT’s high ground clearance ensured the car could handle the rough terrains of Rann of Kutch without damaging the underbody.

  3. Great Handling and Drive Dynamics: The superb handling allowed the drivers to navigate the treacherous terrain with ease.

  4. Amazing Stability: At high speeds and challenging terrains, the Virtus GT proved to be extremely stable.

  5. 5 Star GNCAP Safety Rating with 40+ Safety Features: Safety was a paramount concern for this perilous run. The Virtus GT’s impressive safety credentials gave the team the confidence to attempt this feat.

Kudos to Volkswagen India and the Volkswagen Group for crafting such an exceptional product – the VW Virtus. This record-breaking feat stands as a testament to the exceptional capabilities of the Virtus and the grit of the Evo India team.

Anuj Guglani, CEO & Owner WAF Group said, ‘This new speed record in these tough conditions test the men and the machine to the limit. It’s an ultimate testimony of superb design, advance performance and stellar skills.’

Interested in witnessing the incredible adventure? Watch the awe-inspiring video of the Virtus Feat on WAFTV.

Evo India’s daring achievement has definitely redefined the boundaries of possibility, causing a ripple of excitement in the automobile industry. As we congratulate them, it’s time to say #hellogoosebumps.